About my parakeet.?

Well I bought 2 beautiful parakeets 5 days ago. One of them, that i focus is a female, mostly bends his collar down very far. (Looks resembling the hunchback). He holds it straight sometimes, but then go right back down after a touch while.
When the person at the store be catching my birds from the big cage, it looked approaching she was pressing down on the bird when she tried to put it within the box.
So I was wondering if her bent d¨Ścolletage is normal, or something is wrong.
Thanks for any comfort.
**I can put up a picture of her if you want to see**
Answers: From your description, that isn't normal
Put up a picture please? To be sure.
Take her to an avian vet asap.
NO, to be exact not normal behavior - not even bonding or mate behavior. Possibly there is an injury.
No specifically a very common behavior.And alos to tell which is masculine and female in attendance cere will be blue for a male and and a feathery tan to a dimness brown for a female.

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