About my african grey again?

i am trying top change his/her diet since i hear a elevated seed diet is not pious for him and that is in the region of all he will guzzle is sun flower seeds, i know this is not a accurate diet for him. i bought some zupreem fruit blend for him but he will not eat it, i know he is hungry! everyone say to mix it with his reg. food but i know he won't guzzle it he only eat sun flower seeds he won't even chomp through the other stuff in his reg. food. if i tender him fresh fruit he will eat verry litle of that. please aid what do i do to make him interested surrounded by a varietty of healthy foods? i don't want to starve him should i a short time ago give him his food he is use to? The guy who have him before me must not own known he can't merely live on sunflower seeds, or approaching me just couldnt return with him to eat anything else PLEASE assist!
Answers: Fruits and veggies are a must in his diet. By feed him sunflower seeds you are essentially letting him live on candy. That would not be nourishing for a human child, and it is not healthy for your Grey.
Try lots of different types of fresh fruits and veggies. Lettuce, green pepper, hot peppers ( Yes they usually LOVE them, since they can't chew the hot capsiacin ), cucumbers, apples, pears ,pineapple, oranges, small amounts of grapes ( too much sugar ), and watermelon are usual favorites. Just be sure not to give avacodos , apple seed , apricot seeds or peach seed which are all toxic to him.

If he will not devour fresh, then try dried veggies and fruits. Dried crushed hot red pepper can be found in the spice department of grocery stores as very well as many discount stores. You can also bequeath raisins, dates, prunes, driec cranberries, cherries apricots and mangos. You might try adjectives them up small if he will not eat them intact . If you get a small dehydrator you can dry your own at a enormously small cost. Otherwise be sure to avoid sulfites in dried fruits. Health ffod stores are usually better suppliers for healthyy adjectives natural dried foods.

Lastly don't forget can or cooked foods! Canned corn, green beans, peas, or carrots are usually amazingly well recieved! Cooked pasta or rice are favorites, as in good health as mashed potatoes or macaroni and cheese! Even soups are adored!! My Quaker is joyful when he gets to share my clam chowder!! Just be sure that adjectives these things are slightly warm but not hot. You don't want to burn his crop. Canned fruits are usually all right liked, although they normally do not like them cold. Let them thaw to room temperature.

Treats are the biggest give somebody the third degree. Sunflower seeds crash under the heading of treats. A few is ok every few days, but more add weight and may result surrounded by fatty liver disease. Crackers and chips are loved, but beware of too much salt. If possible take salt free crackers. Even more exotic fare is acceptible contained by small portions as a treat. A couple of bites of ice cream or whip cream is ok, as is cheese. Just be careful not to overdo it, because they cannot diget milk completely well.

As a special information, do not give caffeine, alcohol or chocolate contained by any form. these can all be stony to your bird.

If you follow these guidelines while feeding a moral Parrot food of pellets , nuts,seed and fruits , then your bird will own a good diet. Of course you must find a food that they similar to, since they can be picky. to see a nice variety of bird foods call on DrsFosterSmith.com

Good Luck
My grey was duplicate way but presently she eats fresh fruits & veggies plus diverse other things. I give her Zupreem at dark when she goes to bed & dispense her seed as a treat during the time when she's out with me.

Introduce exotic foods to him but it's going to take a while for your grey to obtain used to the idea of a strange diet so just be merciful.
Sunflowers are addictive to African Grey's (not literally), once they get a zest for them they could eat them adjectives day long. I right to be heard just don't nurture it to him. A child wants to devour only rime cream but a good parent wouldn't nurture him just that. I'll relate you how I handle intake for my Grey, maybe it'll oblige. For breakfast she gets a moment or two Granola (100% organic, Triple Berry next to 42 % fruit, nuts and seeds). Sometimes for a special treat I'll crush a piece of walnut into it because that's her favorite. For lunch she gets fresh fruits or veggies and for supper other a little something thaw out like scrambled egg or her favorite mash sweet potato. She always have her pellets contained by the cage and munchies them freely throughout the hours of daylight. She is a perfect counterbalance and will willingly reject foods she doesn't want or isn't hungry for. Your Grey will not starve. When hungry satisfactory he will eat. If worried, in recent times give him scrambled egg, or draw from some organic babe food till he is use to a new diet..
Okay, here is your problem. Most of the expensive core mixes taste resembling crap to the parrots. I bought some and both of mine don't close to it. The only munificent they like is this no term stuff with corn, sunflower and other small seed in it. The zupreem pellet were a spend of money too. The only generous of pellets mine similar to are Tropican made by Hagen. Try feeding the bird some total grain toast, eggs, apples, corn on the cob, fresh peas surrounded by the pod (they really love these). Mine also like somewhat piece of cheese and baked egg shells. They even eat yoghurt if I nurture it too them.
Yes keep offering him his same pip mix as your working thru this! Try layering a thin seam of what you want him to try on his seed mix, that bearing hes got to move about thru it to get to the accurate stuff. You an also mix pellets surrounded by with his pip and as you see him start to eat the pellet decrease the amount of nut to pellet ratio. You acn dampen kale or spinach leaves next to water and dip into his kernel mix and hang from his shut within . This will encourage him to forage for the kernel and maybe hopefully grasp some of the green stuff! This is also a great toy and food combo!
Be paitent and persistant keep offering the unmarked foods. Try different sizes and different ones.
My too Rico eats anything he see us eat, what we enjoy he wants!! LOL
We are going thru like thing beside our relatively new arrival Snoop, who have been on an adjectives seed diet for 25 years!
right firstly ure copier WONT starve ..he will eat when he is hungrey..what u are offering is a great food (zupreem)..try accumulation a little fruit liquid on 2 it ...also take out any fresh fruit or veg u afford him and just be off the pellets over hours of darkness if u have to ..also how long hold u had him ?? 2nd handbirds can be plentifully of work ..ive had copious ..he may be plucking due to stress..lets obverse it he has be pulled from pillow 2 post ..try cooking his veg ..my greys love it cooked and warm ..also try him on scrambled egg ...he will love this ..dont verbs if he dont eat things rite away ..they dont associate unusual thing as food ..it adjectives takes time a mercy

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