Any tips to preserve bees/wasp out of my hummingbird feeders?

Answers: Most pet stores and stores that sell hummingbird feeders also vend bee guards like the ones on this website:
They are designed to bring in it impossible for the bees/wasps to reach the nectar, but still allow the hummingbirds to access it.
I'm sorry that I don't hold any really good philosophy about how to keep hold of them away. You might try making sure it's all verbs in travel case the nectar mix spilled onto the outside of the feeder. What I wouldn't do is use any kind of insecticide, because it could immensely well spoil those delicate little hummers. Beyond that, I hold no clue, but wish you luck.
At a thoroughly famous place within Patagonia,Arizona, where the relatives invites birders into their backyard to watch adjectives of the hummingbirds, I saw the homeowner use an unexpected product to hold on to bees/wasps away from her many feeders. A couple of times per afternoon, she sprayed the feeders with Garlic Flavored Pam. It does not spoil the hummers and the bees HATE it. Hope that helps.

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