okay. i was riding the four-wheeler today and i found a seagull near a broken wing. so we clipped its wing and it is now my one wing pet seagull. what should i feed it? i live on an island so i could be in motion catch fish.. but i would a bit not go fishing every light of day. if nessecary i will but can it live on something else? and please dont say budge buy some fish from walmart because the closes walmart it 45 minutes away and they quit selling fish. also, what should i name it? i might cross it skuttle from like the little mermaid... but can you suggest of something else?
Answers: First of all its great that in that are still people out here that help injured crazy life, second skuttle is soo cute!! and seagulls are scavenger so you could pretty much feed them anything a moment ago make sure to try and endow with him fish a couple of times a week or even just some minnows from the bait store, relish your new pet :)
No...i.e. a wonderful name.
Seagulls are scavenger so will eat anything they find on the coast. You could give it what you munch through in between catching fish.
Skuttles is a great moniker.
What you have done is crooked on several levels. First, you hold in your possession a protected in their natural habitat bird, and you do not have the permit to keep it. (All aboriginal migratory birds, including all species of gulls, are protected below the Migratory Bird Treaty Act) Second, if I understand your post, you amputated a bird's wing?! Are you a veterinarian? What ever possessed you to operate on a bird near no license or medical training? That wing could have be set by a professional, and the bird could have recovered and be set free again. Now, you have condemed this bird to a duration in captivity.

Get it to a licensed wildlife rehabilitator without beating about the bush! You can find one here: They will have to find a facility that have the proper license to keep this bird (even a rehabber can not rightfully keep an animal once it have either recovered plenty to be released, or has lifelong injuries that will prevent its release, unless they also possess a license to keep unshakable species for educational purposes).

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