A one-winged sea-gull?

okay. i was riding the four-wheeler today and i found a seagull beside a broken wing. so we clipped its wing and it is now my one wing pet seagull. what should i feed it? i live on an island so i could turn catch fish.. but i would a bit not go fishing every time. if nessecary i will but can it live on something else? and please dont say budge buy some fish from walmart because the closes walmart it 45 minutes away and they quit selling fish. also, what should i name it? i might pet name it skuttle from like the little mermaid... but can you regard as of something else?
Answers: Listen to birdgirl! What you have done is risky on several levels. First, you own in your possession a protected frenzied bird, and you do not have the permit to keep it. Second, if I take in your post, you amputated a bird's wing?! Are you a veterinarian? What ever possessed you to operate on a bird with no license or medical training? That wing could hold been set by a professional, and the bird could enjoy recovered and been set free again. Now, you hold condemed this bird to a life within captivity.

Get it to a licensed wildlife rehabilitator immediately! They will hold to find a facility that has the proper license to hang on to this bird (even a rehabber can not legally maintain an animal once it has any recovered enough to be released, or have permanent injuries that will prevent its release, unless they also possess a license to hang on to certain species for civilizing purposes).
You need to procure this bird to a local wildlife rehab. If you live in the US, it is undemocratic for you to have this bird surrounded by your possession. Take it to a professional where they will know how to provide the correct diet and care it wishes. Look for a rehab near you here:

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