How old do kittens have to be to give away?

our kittens are 1 month old and we are ready to give them away.
They say once they have their teeth in they're good, however, they can get their teeth at 4 weeks old which is pretty young to take away from mom. They may tend to cry more often,etc. Ideal time would be 6-8 weeks old.
not less than 6 weeks
6 weeks they say, but you can give them away as soon as they can eat solid foods
8 weeks
6 to 8 weeks.
I believe the usual time for giving kittens away is at 6 or 7 weeks.
About an hour
Approx. 6 weeks. They need to be able to eat solid food before you can let them leave their mother.

what city state are you in?

we are a sucker for little kittens
6 weeks usually
6 weeks
They're weaned at 4 weeks usually, and often given away at 6. Eight is better, but they benefit from social interaction with their mother and littermates up to 12 weeks, as they learn heirarchy and basically how to act like a cat. If they can be given away in pairs, you can give them away earlier.
If you take them away too soon, it can cause behaviour problems in them for the rest of their lives. Some people may not like that and they can end up being dumped or put down. The correct time frame is 6-8 weeks.
6 to 8 weeks old this gives them a chance to get the proper vitamins, from their mother
At least 6 weeks old.
NEVER younger than 6 weeks or they miss critical socialization - 8 week is better for their immunity systems - infact they really should be vaccinated 2 days BEFORE leaving their home

"free to good home" kittens seldom get good homes - you cannot screen people to determine who is looking for cheap snake food, who is going to sell them to resarch lab, or who is going to be a good owner - they all will 'appear' to be good owners.they all will say they are good owners. unless you are prepared to do inhome check and ask for references.. how will you know??
its better to take them to an SPCA or rescue facility who CAN screen people and who will make sure they get good homes -
good homes wouldnt accept free kittens - they always prefer to adopt from SPCA anyhow..
i gave some up once at 6 weeks ;and it was to early. there teeth were nit big enough to eat cat food. they had to be bottle fed awhile longer. my neighbor gave hers at 8 weeks and they ate dry and canned food good. they even used the litter box some, and by 8 weeks the mom won;t stress and the kittens will be fine too.
the right time is 6 to 8 weeks. i know you cant sell cats where i live until they are 8 weeks. they just need to be able to eat and drink on their own. they will be ready in about 2 more weeks.
Kittens and puppies learn many of their social skills from their mother and littermates, which is why babies taken away too soon can develop problems such as wool sucking or rough play biting. Keeping them with their litter till at LEAST 8 weeks will help them have better social skills to succeed in their new homes.
It is best to wait until they are weaned usually at 6 weeks.
Not less than 7 to 8 weeks. They need their mother to teach them how to be cats, and they need the closeness to their littermates. If they bother you so much that you want to give them away at only 4 wks do not have kittens.
At the shelter we wait 8 wks. Due to reasons for safe health issues.
6 Weeks. Yours was a little too young. You should of waited.
People say six weeks but I would not give them away till there 8 weeks. Make sure their all in good health before you find them homes.
i think about 6 weeks old or when they start eating solid foods.
Six to 8 weeks. Definitely not at 4 weeks. They still need mom.
That is way too young to give away. Kittens need the antibodies that their mother gives them through their milk. I know how your feeling though. I foster kittens and they are A LOT of work. But just hold out another month so that the kittens are healthy. If you give them away right now they will pretty much catch any disease or colds that come around them which can lead to death in such young kittens. Kittens at this age will start to make large strides soon and you won't have to deal with litter issues soon (or you may be experiencing this now.) We have three week old kittens who will be litter trained by four weeks. Just make sure the kittens are in a small room with their mommy. If they are in a large room, they will easily forget where the litterbox is. Mother will show them how to use it and you shouldn't have to do too much work. If you really can't bear having them anymore, offer them to a shelter (no kill) and they will nurse them till they are old enough to give them homes (that's where I get a lot of my foster kittens.) But I really wouldn't find a home for them till 8 weeks old.
they should be nine weeks old and weaned from mom cat and weigh 2 pounds
Due to what we have gone through with puppies and kittens, No less then 8 weeks.
You might be ready, but they won't be until they are about six weeks, started on solid food and properly litter trained.

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