Is it Normal / Ok for my cat to eat daddylonglegs?

He's eaten 2 this weekend, at first I thought he was just chasing them like he does flies till I saw him munching away. Eeewwww!
Daddy Long Legs, spiders, flies, beetles - pretty well anything that crawls. They all seem to do it, and it doesn't hurt them. It's not nice to look at - but at least it keeps the house clear of insects!
all cats do this, strange, but it doesnt seem to hurt them
No worries but its a lot more unusual to see the Daddy long legs hold the cat by one leg and the cat eat its own leg off to get away!
Those crazy animals!
Lol! Unfortunately that's what cats do! Mine eats them (when he can be bothered to chase them!) and my friend's cats regularly bring home mice and birds from the fields and munch them so i don't think a daddy long legs is that bad!

'Tis gross though, i admit! ;-)
I don't see it does them any harm, my dog does it and so does my friends and they seem to be fine
Cats are predators and ominvores so eating daddylonglegs and spiders is no different to birds and mice. At least with daddys you don't get entrails and heads decorating your back step by way of a thank you x
it perfectly ok.cats eat incects all the time like spiders , flys etc. if u think ur cat is strange then think abt this my cat sits on the table and eats peanuts out of a bowl. he picks themout with his claws kinda like a person
lol mine does the same, it does them no harm. Why should they not get to eat something they have spent ages trying to catch? They are just hunting them and like most hunters they wanna eat their prey. You'll thank him when there's a big moth in your bedroom lol
I don't know, ask your vet. I thought daddy long legs had very potent venom.
dont think it will do much harm!
I've got two dogs and they eat all sorts of ickey insects its natural their favourite food is daddy long legs though so i suppose cats will be the same
i hope this helps :oD
yes it is weird..have him put down!
I know its horrible but my two kittens do it all the time, great when the come inside because the kittys just get rid of them annoying things. Their always jumping at window to get them, also the eat butter flies (horrible i know) she likes to bring them in and drop them at my feet , but one likes to try to catch bees aswell. Their mad and weird but we love them ;-)
As i am answering my cat has got a crane flys legs hanging out of his mouth.
Its fine chill
Nothing wrong with that! I trained my boxer to eat all crawleys, saves me getting up off net to kill them lol
Yes, don't worry, wait till you see him munching a moth..silver lips.Joyo.
It's normal. Last night in the barn, my cat found one of those huge brown spiders (I think it's called a Wolf Spider). He hunted it, chased it around and killed it. When I did not accept his gift, he sat down and ate it!
Hi, we have two cats and they both eat heaps of insects and it doesn't seem to do them any harm. I think its the hunter instinct in them. They love chasing stuff and if they get to eat it at the end then they seem extra happy! I only get worried when they start chasing things with stings. I came home the other day to find one of my cats chasing a hornet! I took it away from him obviously.
i think not because i thought they eat cat food no leg's!!11
I would not s ay ilt was NORMAL but probably more of a curiosity than anything
Cats and dogs eat all creatures that move ,I reckon my boxer has tried every species until he came across a wasp ,,,ouch he`s a bit wary now
Good protein in them!
The cat that we had many moons ago would go around like something possessed to catch moths! Never did her any harm.
It was good exercise for her and is also good exercise for him.
Yucky, I know - but better than watching them catching birds - watch out for him in the spring when they are available! That's really horrible.
I had a cat that killed scorpions. I guess they have a built-in immunity.
My cat eats loads of them and she is now 18 years old. Its not harmed her yet. So I wouldn't worry. Your cat will be fine.
hmm sounds like my kitten it ate a fly.i think it doesnt really matter thier used to if they can eat dead rats and get away with it,im sure they can eat bugs and get away with it.but that all depends on what kind of bugs,some are harmless to them..thats all i can help ya with ..
well, that's 2 less on this earth keep him going!
normal with a killer instinct, my cat beheads mice and only eats the head
My cat prefers blatant torture, normally gets bored when they become daddynolegs
It's normal mine actully love roaches!
Yes, my cats used to do that. My old hamster was also a bit partial to daddy longlegs! It seems a bit gruesome, but it doesn't make them ill.

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