Cat vs. squirrel or bluejay- who would win?

As funny as this sounds I am serious. My healthy 5-year old Maine Coon cat tends to go out on the open porch a lot. There are no stairs so he cannot leave the porch. Sometimes there are squirrels and bluejays around (on the surrounding trees) and I wondered if there is a chance that they may lunge at my cat. And if they did, would my cat be able to defend himself?
You cat is a natural predator of birds and rodents, he should be fine. However, if your cat is a wuss, the squirrel may be able to intimidate him. My cat also used to be dive-bombed by happens when they are trying to defend something, like a nest. But, since it sounds like your cat is only on the porch, he should be just fine! (be careful he doesn't jump off!)
If I was to guess and that is the way it is.. I would guess that the bluejay would win
it is very unlikely that your cat would be attacked by either one unless they are rabid so don't worry about it
Yes your cat would be abble to defend him self! [besides theres a 3/90 chance you got there that a bird or a squirrel would randomly lung at him]
well it would be the other way around, youre cat would try to attack them. squirrels can be somewhat dangerous if they are cornered and have to fight theyre way out, but they wouldnt let themselves get in that situation around a cat. squirrells or birds would have no reason to attack a cat, animals attack and kill other animals of a different species for food, squirrells or birds dont eat meat. so would not attack a cat, they probably try to avoid it.
no a squrriel wud kill your cat i seen it happen and it is not pretty maybe yo sud take your cat to a vet and ask if there is a defence class 4 animals anywhere near im not joking
I have the same situation at my home. No one has ever tried to attack my cat (he's pretty big) but HE has gone after a squirrel. He subsequently fell off our second story balcony (unharmed). We're pretty sure he lept without realizing what he was doing, so please keep that in mind. We eventually replaced our railing and it's now 6" higher. That should keep him from jumping again.
Most likely the squirrel would NOT go after your cat. Squirrels are not confrontational animals. They might chatter at your cat but that's probably it. Same thing with the blue jay. He might squawk or scream at the cat but I highly doubt he would go after it. It's not in either animals best interest to go after a cat.

We have to watch our cats where I live because we have coyotes. They WILL go after and kill a cat.
My cat Sugar who is part Himalayan catches blue- jays and squirrels. I found some squirrel carcasses in my basement corner. Yuck!
Did you declaw him? If not, he can defend himself. Possbile injury from squirrel. Neither would attack him anyway unless he approached the birds nest with eggs or little ones in it. BTW, if your porch is open he can always jump off.

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