Cat bleeding from her vagina what could it be??

My friend cat has started bleeding from her lady bits she hasn't been spayed (I know she should be but its not my cat) she is only a year old and doesn't look pregnant as she is quite slim. She is going to the vet tomorrow but she's panicking and hasn't got the net so I thought some of you guys might have some suggestions as too what it might be?
:/ Please do NOT listen to most of these people. Just because a dog bleeds during heat, a lot of people assume that cats do the same, but this is a common misconception. If there's minimal bleeding, the cat may be in heat. However, when a cat is in heat, the bleeding is minimal and usually not detectable.

If the cat is bleeding profusely, she needs to be seen by a vet as soon as possible. Bleeding like that could indicate serious infections, such as a uterine infection or pyometra (though pyometra occurs less frequently in cats than dogs, it's still a possibility especially if the cat is not spayed.)

Please encourage your friend to get her cat spayed. Her cat will live much longer, and will be less likely to develop infections and certain types of cancer. Best of luck to you.
I dont know what that could be MAYBE SHES A GIRL AND SHES IN HEAT? concider that?
She's in heat..keep her away from all male cats.
cats get there periods too, expecialy if there not's normal it should last a week or so and stop. till they go into heat again.
shes in heat yo
I don't think cats bleed when they are in heat. Call an animal hospital for advice
Yeah, the cat's in heat, and needs some man cat lovins.
It could be a miscarriage. But it could also be cancer. Take the cat to the vet immediately.
well its a good thing she going to the vet but i think IT some thing i don't know female dogs have periods but i don't know about cats
Cats don't bleed while in heat. In fact, they don't even ovulate until they are breeding. Take her to the vet to see what is wrong, and have her spayed as well.
Definitely in heat.
She might have her period. After all they do get it. I have 2 female cats. I should know!
Tell her not to panic Her female cat has went from a kitten to cat -She has gotten her period keep her inside if she doesn't want her to get pregnant Female animals Bleed when they are in heat-ready to beed any more questions e-mail
She is in heat.

Animals bleed the same as humans when its that time of the month
go to this web site and it will tell you about it.
the cat has her period.and she's in heat.
its possible since she isnt spayed that she is suffering from pyometra.please look it up and check out the symptoms it is possible that you shouldnt wait until tomorrow and look for an emergency clinic TODAY!
SHES IN HEAT DUH! and you may want to get her sprayed or she will start acting weird if she dosent have kittens
She has her period. She needs to get spayed. That happened to my cat before. There is little presence of blood, maybe just a drop or two.
when cats (and dogs) menstruate it is more commonly referred to as being "in heat"
while in heat your cat may exhibit certain behaviors such as sleeplessness accompanied by long meowing all night,presenting her hind quarters, and a desire to go outside.
do not let your cat out if she is displaying any of these behaviors, unless you want her to get pregnant.
instead immediately make an appointment to have her spayed
she's in heat, dogs do it too. Or if she's squatting and not peeing but a lil drop of blood comes out she could have a urinary infection
ur cats in heat get ur cat a diaper or a small box to keep her in

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