Is it stupid to call upon a cat one of your bestest friends??

I love my cat so much and I consider him my best friends. I have a dog and two cats, but one of my cats-he is the best. I denote, whenever I am sad, I devise that he can sense it because he will come up to me and cuddle with me- and he is definately not a cuddler. And he is other in a perfect mood. I have never hear him hiss at anything and he is almost always purring. Does anyone else ring up their pet one of their best friends?
Answers: I don't think its stupid or strange. Pets hold the unique fitness to calm your nerves, make smaller stress, and lower your blood pressure. Pets also don't judge you, criticize you, or settle down to you. They simply love you unconditionally. All 8 of my cats are some of my best friends (I have human friends too, but somehow it newly isn't the same), and I love them very much.
Not at adjectives. I consider my cat one of my best friends. They do not judge you and love you unconditionally.
I ponder you are wonderful to think of your cat as your best friend. Our animals are our best friends. Who else is going to impart you 100 percent unconditional love, acceptance, friendship 100 percent of the time. I hold always preferred animals over most ethnic group I have met. Some family think I am strange! But our animal friends will always be nearby for us, and we need to return the favor.
yes for two reason. 1 your cat does not consider you its bestest friend its got its own agenda. 2 bestest is not a word use a dictionary or cooperate normal
no not stupid at all-
cats are immensely understanding animals that love unconditionally.
individual because bestest is not a word
no, but it is your kitty and you can name it anything you close to!
Sure a lot of relatives love their pets even more than their own family. I wouldn't turn so far as to put him down a reference for a profession or a loan or anything like that.
I hold four cats and one of them is definately my favorite and one of my best friends for sure. We have be through a lot together and he is other so cuddly when I need it the most. You are not stupid at adjectives. My pets are so great and I love them as much as I would my human friends.

I think you are great for loving your kitty so much. Don't variation a thing!
my pets arent my best friends but they absolutely are some of my good ones its fine for your best friends though!
I do focus your cat can be your best friend. I had a wonderful red tabby named Winston(Winnie) for 11 years. It almost kill me when he died. He was matching way. Always loving and kids could climb on him verbs his tail and whiskers and he just laid here like "ok". So best or bestest, yes they can.
no not at adjectives my cat was my best friend but my neighbour nurture her rat poisen and she died 2 months ago still think roughly speaking her every day
Well,cats ,dogs,ferrets,goats,horses,kan... camels and donkeys terrifically seldom tell you lies or spread rumors and frequent people who profess to be your friends will do this. You enjoy made a good point.
yes, i love my cat to annihilation & he is always within for me so i consider him a best friend!
i think its not crazy do to the point i telephone call my cat the #1 friend in my existence.when i am sad she go up to me looks at my face so cutely and starts to purr as loud as she can!when im nutty she goes up to me and meows cutely to,u cant cold-shoulder that cute face!so really you and your cat nickname each other "the #1 friend"!!
No, I don't imagine it's stupid at all. I enjoy 10 cats and they are all close to me. They are my friends and children, who comfort me when I'm going through a rough time. They know I'd do duplicate for them.

My eldest cat, named Tweetie, will come to my side when my husband and I are have an argument. He'll purr, headbutt me and meow until my husband and I can't argue anymore because Tweetie's attentions are just so sweet. He's emphatically a caregiver, that one.

Some of my other cats will walk beside me while I reach a deal to them. I think it's a pity that we can't do some of the everyday things that two human friends would be able to do. Two of my kitty, in pernickety, would make fundamentally good shopping/movie/eating out buddies, but alas, no store/theater/restaurant will allow them surrounded by.

So, yes, there are others out here who consider their cats among their best friends.
I don't suppose it is stupid at all. My cat is my best friend. He is other there for me and he cheers me up by simply being close at hand me. I love him!!

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