2 cats diagnosed next to Hepatic Lipidosis (Fatty Liver)?

I was simply wondering if anyone else has have this problem. Within one week of one of my cats recovering, my other came down near the same. Blood test are the same and everything. It's abnormal. My male seem to bounce back a bit faster than my female have. Both have be to the vet and came vertebrae with very same blood test results. I am simply curious if anyone else has have this problem with their cats and if you enjoy any advice. The vet told me it was not contagious.
-Get very well Roxy-
Thanks - Amy
Answers: I am wondering why your cats had hepatic lipidosis. This occur when cats (usually, but not always, obese ones) stop ingestion or eat remarkably little for a period of a week or more...and as the body breaks down its flab stores into lipids, the body gets overwhelmed beside them. Fats are processed by the liver, but it is a very slow process within cats (as well as cattle, sheep, and goats). If too several lipids are being sent to the liver, the liver begin storing extra fat contained by its cells, and lead to the fatty liver...then liver dead loss.

So... I am wondering why your cats were not intake - it could be something stressful happening within life, another disease making them sick, or perhaps something else...? Other things principal to hepatic lipidosis are not as common - such as ingestion of unquestionable substances, or other diseases.

I have have patients with hepatic lipidosis earlier - usually was a casing of stress so the animals were not ingestion very ably for over 2 weeks. The animals had be obese, or still were obese, but have lost significant muscle and fat stores. They be implanted with a feed tube to help stimulate the digestive system...this help resolve the fat storage within the liver, to put simply... Once they started eating on their own, the tube be removed. The fatty liver was slow to resolve, but it eventually did. The liver is incredible contained by its ability to treat itself...

It is not contagious, but two cats put through the same stress within their environment can get the disease concurrently...

My suggestion to anyone is to try your best to keep your kitty in just right weight - worth you can feel the ribs underneath the skin but not see them, that they have a "waist" purely before their hips... Another one is to other try to keep a flawless routine with your cat - they are creatures of quirk. Some will accept silver better than others, but stresses such as moving, a new soul in the house (or clean pet!) can seriously stress some cats out. Try to encourage them to drink..have some small treats you know they resembling in travel case you need to tempt them.

My cat have adapted to change okay... only once enjoy I had to tempt her near tuna after I was away on time off. Otherwise I have be open near her - I do tell her that we're moving or going on leave - she doesn't know what I say, but I am sure she understand the intent. She also gets treats while I'm gone :)

Hope this help!
I haven't experienced it, but I suspect that the cats' diet contributed to the condition.
Did vet suggest a special diet for them?

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