Why are my cats so silly?

Tonight the favored game is - I will get in the collapsible fishnet laundry basket, so my brother can jump on me and try to chew on my ear through the fabric. Or maybe it is - Let's run really loudly like little horses through the house so we can wake up everyone who has already gone to bed.
Because they love you and they are sure this is what you want
Aren't they great!
..They just want to play with you. You see, they adore you because you feed them and they want to have fun with you.
Kittens are certainly entertaining!! Cats are more laid back. I love them both.
I just love cats! They are such silly little creatures!
They are so much fun to watch when they play. My cat Gracie likes to play "OH! something is chasing me!" She runs through the house like a mad cat. I call her thunder hooves! LOL
My two adult cats chase each other all over, and they sound like a herd of buffalo running up and down the hall. It's hysterical to watch, even if it does keep me awake once in awhile. Gotta love 'em.
because they like you and want you to play with them as well as want u to feel happy

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