All-natural cat treats brand?

I'm looking for cat treats that do not have by-products and that are nutritious as well.My cat is currently individual fed Nutro Cat Food and I be wondering if there are cat treats similiar to that.

Just to record my cat has digestive problems but he other crave treats sometimes.Is there a brand of treats that are suitable for my cat?

Those are the healthiest near Cod,Salmon,Shrimp,or Tuna as the #1an only ingrdient. It's coarse and freeze dried.

also try Wellness WellBars.
My cat (who has IBD) positively LOVES Whole Life treats. They're just freeze-dried single-ingredient treats. also carry freeze-dried single-ingredient treats—my cats like the rabbit, mouse, and bonito flavors the best. (I stick beside mostly rabbit and mouse for my IBD cat, but he gets the bonito as an extra special treat on episode.)
Dr. Goodpet makes Treat-A-Mins and they are spicy vitamins for cats.

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