What should I heading my clean kitten?

I got my kitten today it's a feminine she is 6 weeks old, she is mostly tortishell near tabby markings around her face, she is fluffy and extremely sweet.
She is playful and full of energy.
I hold no Idea of a name?
We enjoy 2 older feminine cats who are both desexed by the way, in attendance names are Iris and Sooty so those name are taken.
Iris i getting use to the new edition fairly quickely but sooty the other tortishell makes it extremely difficult as she gets severely pissed off.
Will she get hold of over it?
Sooty is 3 years old.
Iris is 2 years.
Answers: How give or take a few,

Mooska -means small , little in Russian .


Lilly ,

Meela - way sweet , nice in Russian,



Hope i help !
how bout turtle

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