Another cat cross-examine, this time something like his teeth?

So my cat looks like a mini Dracula his teeth are really sharp and his canine teeth stick out from his upper chin and cover a tiny bit of his lower jaw.He looks close to he has vampire fang. Is this in any track normal?
Answers: if they appear to long, you can go to the vet and ask. if the vet think there too long, you can carry them clipped

same thing next to rabbits
I would have a vet look at him. That doesn't nouns normal and they might best be removed.

Cats don't call for their teeth at all if they don't enjoy to capture and butcher prey for their food.
Cats canine teeth do stick out and cover the lower teeth in their jaws. In certainty, while some cats sleep, you can see their teeth peeking out fron under their jaws.

And contrary to other totally daft opions, cats DO need their teeth. Strangely adequate, they need to chew and cats feed a natural diet, similar to mine, use their teeth top rip meat off bones moderately successfully...cats don't need their teeth pfffft!
Cats can munch through even dry food without any teeth, but what you describe seem quite everyday to me. Consider that in the unrepressed, what they chase after and bite after has to be held by the teeth, so the canines will be a bit longer than other teeth.

But you bring up a point that some never consider. Your vet should check your cat's teeth at respectively visit for any inflammations of the gum which can head to serious problems. Cats get tarpitch build up on their teeth like humans can enjoy.

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