Cats neutered/spayed yesterday but not given spasm medication?

is this normal?? I be told not to give them anything any. The male cat seem fine but the female still looks so miserbale. Also, they hold sleeping in their alien litter box (with shredded newspaper) instead of using it. Any tips ??
Answers: This is very regular. The male cat is awareness better than the female cat because his operation wasn't moderately as intensive. He "just" lost his marbles. She had parts pulled out of her stomach. A "full" operation. I've sit in on numerous operation with cats anyone spayed/neutered. I always have a feeling bad for the females.

It's mundane that they don't get anything for the agony. And please don't give them anything any. Let them recover on their own and catch back to middle-of-the-road eatting and drinking at thier pace. If you try and do anything, it could formulate things worse. They will be fine, don't worry.
I've notice that vets tend to differ on this subject. Some vet agree with the owners, and want the animal to be comfortable and not discern any discomfort or pain. While others read out that if you give your pet affliction killers, they are plausible to go around daily distraction like nought is wrong.

For your female kitty, this is probably best for her. She may appear miserable, but it will only be for a few days. If she didn't hurt, after she'd most likely be running and jump around like nil was wrong and could risk passage up her sutures.

I know it's hard, but you've done the right article. If she's still miserable after 4-5 days, then check spinal column with your vet and see if nearby could be anything wrong.

Good luck!
I don't think they usually afford them anything and if you've ever tried to give a cat drug,you will see that you will probably hurt them more than help them! Cats DO NOT resembling to take drug! My cat had a bladder infection for whuch they prescribed a medication. I ended up throwing it out and bandaging my arms and forgetting around it! The infection went away on it's own. Animals know how to supervision for themselves.

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