People who lvoe catss?

whats ur cats name?
what are the little cute and funny things they do?
Answers: I hold two female cats, Yanshuf and Crucifera.
Yanshuf is a shoulder cat. She like to jump at people's shoulders and sometimes nick them by surprise :-) . I can walk beside her on my shoulders for minutes without getting tired. Unfortunately she gain some weight lately and doesn't do it as confidently as she used to. Other than that she likes to spend most of her time upside down, lying on her subsidise and staring at the world with her paw up in the upper air.
Cruci is a cat with lots of issues: She like to suck her own paw, like she is breast feed! The vet said that some cats never withdraw from this instinct, especially as I raise them by myself since they were little kittens (I found them, no mother). She also have multiple personality (or should I right to be heard "felinality"?). She can be sweet and in a split second she will mark me. My arms are all scratchy.
Other than that, both resembling to open my socks drawer and doze past its sell-by date inside.
My present cat's names are BabyCat and Pasha. BabyCat is comparatively the control freak especially with my two teenaged boys. She will chastise them for yell or arguing. She will stand there and meow at them to stop that! Then, if they pick her up, she will nip the deeply tip of their noses only as if they were her errant kittens!

Pasha is a big Norwegian Forest Cat Silver Tabby. He is not wrapped too tight, BabyCat can out think him anytime. He like to play fetch with his mouse and globe toys and his favorite passtime is eating.
I hold two cats. The older (and BIGGER) one is Momo and afterwards there is the little one Hero. Momo is a moment ago a big ball of cuddles and when we're sitting on the couch or lying contained by bed he burys his nose into your skin and falls asleep! Our little cat hero is merely so funny! he sleeps in the bed within the middle of me and my boyfriend under the covers next to his head on a pillow. He sleeps surrounded by empty beer boxes. In the morning previously the alarm goes stale, he licks our face to wake us up!

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