2yr feeble mannish cat have a dry cough, a bloated (but not sore) stomach, have some vomiting, seem cheerful..thoughts?

He is playing, eating very well, seems to sleep fine, have had a couple of urine accident, nose is moist, skin have elastisity to it, was sneezing for a few days prior & stool seem a bit "orangish" in colour. His gums look angelic and there is nil unusual in his stool, urine or around his rectum. But he is still not himself near the aformentioned symtoms.
Answers: Take him to a vet, I can think of a few possibilities that gamut from nothing much to potentially vicious. But not one of them can be diagnosed without running test. And nobody can run tests over the internet
Take him to the vet in that is nothing you can give an account without have an exam done. It could be something simple but there is other a possibility it is not.

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