My Cat does not meow?

Hi there! My parents just adopted a new kitten, and she does not meow- YET! What are the implications of this for the long term, and do you think there is still a chance she could speak meow) being she is only 15 weeks.

o man you are so lucky.
maybe she doesn't have anything to say yet...
she is still a baby, give her time.
Cats are quiet by nature, My cat meows once a year if I'm lucky, I wouldn't worry much about it
Give her time, she will probably begin to meow when she is hungry.. but some cats prefer to be quiet. It can depend on the breed and her interaction with other cats / humans.
Hope this helps :)
Our cat never meowed when it was a kitten. It rarely meows now.Except when we open a can of tuna, because we give her the water from it to drink and she loves it. And sometimes when she greats you when you get up in the morning she makes a little chirp sound and rubs against your leg. But rarely does she vocalize. I figure it's just her personality to be quiet.
Nothing to worry about unless you notice that the cat doesn't respond to sound. My one cat didn't meow until she was about two and then we couldn't get her to stop! LOL If you still are concerned, talk to the vet on her next visit for her next series of shots.
Some cats, like Siamese, are VERY vocal from the time they are very young. Others meow late in life, and yet others never meow at all (or do a silent meow - - they open their mouth as if to speak, but they emit no sound.)

Some meow or make chirping, chattering, purring & other sounds after they are fixed. Quiet or howling meows -- these are all normal. If you have other questions about this, the office of any Veterinarian will give you answers over the phone.

Good luck and have fun with your precious little fur ball !
I expect she will miaow when she has something worth telling you. Some cats are just more talkative than others. A quiet cat might be a blessing!
Want to swap with my 13 week burmese kitten that won't stop meowing a very high pitched screaming meow!

On second thought - your kitten could be a deaf mute..
maybe your kitty like my cat shes never purred or meowed shes 1 yr old vet said some cats dont and its not uncommon
maybe something went wrong with the birth and it is just going to take her a little bit longer then it does the other kittens, so just give her time, you have to consider she is still a baby and some human babies take a little bit longer to talk.
Don't worry about it. she's still young enough. I have a cat who doesn't meow hardly at all. It's just the personality of the cat. If you want her to meow more, talk to her. Cats are only vocal because we are.
My kitten is about the same age and is quite vocal. BUT every now and then she won't meow. She still moves her mouth like she's trying to, but nothing comes out (it's kind of creepy). Any-who, I wouldn't worry too much about it. All kitties are different. Just like human babies - we don't all start talking at the same age. Some start babbling early on and other may not start until later.
Awwww---how cute!

I had a female years ago that never did meow. I had her since she was a kitten. Occasionally as she got older she would open her mouth and a little squeak would come out but it was definitely not a meow.

She was healthy and active, even played with the neighborhood wild foxes.

I think she will be fine--even if you do have a quiet household.
I wouldn't worry about it, some cats just don't meow. She actually could be mute. Have you taken her to the vet.
My cat doesn't meow, but she quacks. Had me nervous at first, but as she was inbred, she basically has no nose, too much Persian in her, she's a Himalayan, and has all the correct Siamese points.
It's really not a big thing if the cat doesn't meow. There are dogs, like malumutes that never bark.
I have two cats. The female is two and a half, and she never made a sound for the first year that we had her. When she was six months old, we adopted a stray kitten who was very vocal. Gradually, the female cat has begun to meow, but she's does it in a very dainty little voice and sounds more like a kitten. I don't know if she has become more vocal because I talk to her a lot and she's trying to respond, or whether it's a learned behaviour that she's copied from the boy cat. Do you talk to your kitten? I find it's meal times when mine have the most to say for themselves.

Cats mainly communicate with each other by scent and body language. They are vocal with humans, because we don't understand their body language and it's one way of getting our attention when they want something. My two don't "talk" to each. It's only when one has annoyed the other that I'll hear a hiss or low growl between them. Often cats only become vocal with another cat when they are getting into a fight situation and they do it to try and scare off their opponent. Calling for a sexual partner is another reason that cats become very vocal. Talking of which, make sure you have your kitten spayed, otherwise when she begins calling for a mate, you'll be longing for the days when she was quiet.

You've no need to worry. Just as with humans, some cats are quiet, while others don't know when to stop talking.
Wow take her to the vet.

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