Naughty kitty!!?

My 3 month old kitty bites alot.I want to stop her habit so when she is older she wont be so harmful.Also she likes to teath/suck on my finger,why is she doning that?
You can train her out of her biting habit by (1) scruffing her gently, (2) hissing in her face and saying a firm "No!", and (3) putting her away from you. You must be VERY consistent in following this three step procedure and everyone else in the household needs to do it the same way EVERY time.

Kittens usually learn not to bite by playing with their siblings as they correct one another. Since your kitten has no playmate you must teach her about "Ouch!".
her biting is part of play as a kitten...she will grow out of it...unless you are playing very for the sucking, why do you think...your finger is like a pacifier for her.she will outgrow this too.
Sucking the fingers indicates that she was probably weaned too early.

About the biting-flick her nose- not hard- just enough to get her attention and tell her NO BITE!
since shes a kitten mabe shes just being playfull ( in a harmful way ) but mabe your cat will grow out of that or you can try when she does something bad tell her noo !! when she does good reward her ... and if she gets worse hire an animal trainer . hope this helps she will most likely grow out of it tho.
I bet you got your kitty at 8 weeks old or less. She bites because she wasn't with her mom long enough to learn not to. Her mom would have disciplined her for that. She sucks because she didn't nurse long enough.

To stop the biting. Discipline her the same way her mom would have. Everytime she does it, gently pin her down and tell her, "no" in a firm voice. As for the sucking, maybe someone else will have a suggestion. I don't know if the discipline would work for that or not. I might be hesitant to try it for that, cuz I'm such a kitty lover and she is such a baby, but that's just me.
Get a spray bottle and put water in it and once your kitten does something bad spray it alittle, cats hate water it will teach your kitten. she sucks and you finger or some will do it to your cloths, its just cause they miss their mom some will never grow out of it some will.
she was weened to early my kitten used to do that to my dog, she will grow out of it in a few weeks or one month.

( : good luck : )
To stop her from biting i would tap her on the nose but not hard enough to hurt her. Thats wat i was told from my vet, because you just have to show them wat is right and wrong like when they are older they sometimes they pee on the rug, so you just pick them up and set them in the litter box, to teach them.

They suck and chew on your finger shes a kitten and is probably growing new teeth and they might hurt and be sore. When people were little they were always sucking or nibbling on some toy. Its because they have teeth that are trying to come through the gums.

Hope I Helped!
Well, whatever you do don't hit her. She is very young. When she gets rough say "NO" and stop playing with her. She will learn how rough she can play and still have fun. I have a cat who will jump up and attack my leg, hiss and growl if I don't let her out when she wants to. If I have long pants on, I can feel her claws a little, if I have shorts on, she keeps her claws retracted. Its all for the show.
Sounds like a typical young kitten still feeling the need to suckle momma for security. As far as the biting it can either be just be teething, the kitten is being touched in a way or place it doesn't like (i.e the tummy) or just in a foul mood and wants to be left alone. It can be tough to train a cat not to bite but the the only way I see to do it is to just leave it be. I have many cats that have done that and I have learned that if you let them alone and let them come to you for attention they are less likely to bite. If it does it again, firmly tell the cat "NO", and put it down. Just watch out for any possible sore spots on their body because that too can cause them to bite if you touch it the wrong way.
Does sound like she was taken away from her mom and littermates too early.
As for the biting: Don't play with your kitty with your hands. Always use a toy. If she does bite, put her down from your lap/away and ignore her/walk away from her. That's what her littermates would do; they'd stop playing with her. The mothers only very incidentally smack their kittens - punishing isn't the best method to teach her not to bite, ignoring (the kitten, not the behavior) is.
As for the suckling, she might continue doing this into adulthood, if not on your finger, most likely on fabric (woolsucking). There is a new product on the market, called the "catsifier" which is basically a pillow with rubber nipples, that might comfort her.
You could also make one yourself from a pillow and the rubber top part (sorry, don't know the english word) of a kitten feeding bottle. You can't take away her need to seek comfort/ to suckle. She'll either grow out of it or stay in need of this all her life.
Good luck with your kitten!
dont worry my 3 month old kitten also bit me a couple of time it should stop when it get older .
Hi there try this site I think they will help you and your cat.

This site has tips on how to stop biting and also scratching.

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