Are Hartz flea products perilous to cats?

I used some Hartz flea spray on my cats, and they started crying and running around like maniac. So I wiped stale their necks near cool tap dampen, and stopped using the product. Later, I heard Hartz flea products are chancy. Is this true?
Answers: Yes, it's true. I'm sure other people's answers will direct you to the Hartz victims website.

It's not just Hartz that's treacherous, it's many store-bought products. The pretext for this is that stores and supermarkets are not licensed to supply the chemicals appropriate for safe and effectual flea treatment, so any flea product available in a store is going to contain one of heaps basic pesticides. These are usually organophosphates; attractive chemicals that are more widely used for crop spraying! Not really something that should be applied to animals, especially cats. One of the most widely used organophosphates in these products is Permethrin, which is significantly toxic to cats. Permethrin is a pyrethroid - as is Phenothrin, the main ingredient surrounded by Hartz. Stay well away, and please abet spread the word so we can get these unscrupulous bastard's products stale the shelves!!

Any over the counter flea product is truly crap. Stick to topical flea preventions like Revolution, Frontline, etc.

Hartz doesn't work.. and elapse on the flea collars. I've seen more cats harmed by them than done any worthy.
Hartz has a history, a remarkably unsavoury one in the United States. I’ve be aware of an online campaign by annoyed dog and cat owners who end up near dead furries or furries next to permanent mental or physical despoil from using Hartz products, not to mention the emotional and financial stress.
A class behaviour suit was also file.
The most comprehensive site is
Cats are very sensitive creatures and any drug or chemical have potential for causing glum reactions within certain cats. Hartz products enjoy been associated beside more incidents of reactions than most other medication. To be fair, this may be because their label is so well certain and their products so widely distributed that this may be a result of the high sale numbers. A flea medication made specifically for fleas and considered somewhat safe for use on cats is Advantage.

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