2 question in connection with the TAILS of domestic cats?

1) Our 5 year old neuter indoor cat has 3 fellow cats within our home. Six weeks ago the area closest to his "bum", begin to lose fur for about 6-8 inches, nonetheless the remainder of the tail appears normal.
We own seen no injury, evidence of dull pain or discomfort - nothing. The tail simply seem to be flattening out and losing fur.
Any ideas why ?

2) When we moved into this subdivision, a extraordinarily friendly neighborhood stray began coming around. (we suspect he is the father of the cat mentioned above as we found that kitten at the rear our home and took it in). 2 years ago now, the neighborhood cat must hold had his tail run over, or surrounded by a fight beside a dog. Regardless, he was pitiful. His tail be bald and bloody for in the order of 6-8 inches, 3 inches from his body. Within weeks the tail shriveled up and most fell off. He be left near a short and often bloody stump. Unable to afford a vet, the tail heal up, then bleeds again and again. We provide food & shelter. What is prognosis? What to do?
Answers: Call the Humane Society contained by your area almost the #2 issue. They can take that animal and provide medical oblige if you cannot.

As far as #1 issue, it sounds very much approaching "stud tail" which usually happens individual to intact males, but does sometime occur contained by neutered males too. Best to nick him to a low cost vet in your nouns.
Strongly suggest you contact your local shelter/rescue and ask about low cost vet clinics within your area. I know vet diligence can be expensive, but there are some that are ready to help. If possible capture that friendly tom in to hold his tail properly addressed and hold him neutered as powerfully. (Will help save him safe.)

Good luck beside both cats. Hopefully assistance can be provided to you at low or no cost.
Please try to take the poor guy to a vet or enlist the minister to of a cat rescue society, as suggested.
He must be seen and if too late treated,.. gangarene could enjoy set in and be spreading.

Regardless, he was/is within suffering pain.

Good of you to nurture him and care.

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