Another Cat Question?

Having had my Cat for just about 5 Months now, things seem to be to be getting good. He be in a shelter for a year previously we adopted him. He a short time ago turned 2. My question is it seem that he wants to do zilch but constantly play. When i come home, he's excited, rolling on the floor. I feed him and the minute I sit down at my computer he starts to cry. When i stand up he runs to the spike toy. I'll play with him for a accurate while and within 2 minutes of me sitting at my Comp again he starts to cry..i gain up and yep..he runs to the toy. I love playing but I have other stuff i involve to do as well and its intricate when he constantly cries..(only when i sit at the comp..if i sit at the TV he doesnt say anything)...anyone suggest a honest toy that will keep him company and helpful when i cant be around? Or why he constantly cries when i sit at the computer...he can be a little brat sometimes :) Thanks!
Answers: Cats are smarter than most empire give them credit for :-) He have learned that when he cries, he get what he wants. And what he requests is for you to play with him. Play time should be on your expressions, not his. When he starts crying, as hard as it is, shame him. After a while he will give up. You can also try putting him surrounded by another room. After a while he will learn that crying won't procure him what he wants.

I don't know if this is an preference or not, but you can also get him a companion. Two cats tend to keep hold of each other colonized.
He thrives on interaction, ever consider getting him a feline friend?
Other than that, they do vend battery-powered toys that would give you a rest, but still afford your cat something 'interactive'. Check your local pet stores to see if they carry anything of the sort. Also, a laser pointer is a great one. You don't own to get up, but you can shine the fluffy on the ground, and have him run around chasing it, eventually wearing himself out.

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