Can my cat sense my dog is surrounded by warmness?

my male cat is acting wierd and meowing constantly presently that my female dog have gone into heat. (my mannish cat will be fixed on friday he is 6 months and my vet told me to let my dog cycle 1 time in the past they fixed her so next month, she is also 6 months.
Answers: firstly, your vet is wrong. its bleak for a dog to go through her cycle at adjectives if you are planning on fixing her. she will forever think that she is going into boil, even if she isnt. but dont worry too much more or less that. just a recomendation for subsequent time.

most animals can sense when other animals are in roast, even across species. your cat wont be able to do much roughly it, but he knows. purely keep your can away from any other girl cats because i bet hes pretty horny right very soon.

good luck!

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