Help with kitty?

Ok, I got this new kitten about 2 weeks ago and things were going great till soccer and school started. I get to see my kitten before school and after, except on soccer days. I wanna spend time with both my pets, but I always get caught up with something, please help me!!
I used to wake up extra early before school so I could play for a half hour or 45 minutes with my kitty before having to leave. You could always try that. Another thing is this, cats are nocturnal. When your gone during the day your kitty is probably just sleeping and resting, thats what my cats do during the day. As long as you can bear to part with him, he should be fine if hes only alone during the day.
Well, get another kitten. It's not fair to leave a young kitten bored and lonely.
Your kitten will start having behavior problems if you don't solve this problem.
Get your cat another kitten or make time to play with it. If you don't it will become independent and want to be by itself.
somehow u will have to "find the time" to spend with kitty schedules are tough weight what is more important to u and u're lifestyle while u're away make sure kitty has things to keeps her occupied when she is older she will become more indepentant but the bonding starts now I find that cats are creatures of habit and don't like their routines messed with good ideas on the second kitty what fun a playmate!!

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