I have 11 animals, and I dont no how to conivce my mom that I can purloin care of another one, because you know how you other say, " Mom, Dad I will steal good carefulness of the kitten" and they dont belive you because they end up doing the work, and I tight it this time I will take carefulness of it, and I am not sure if this is a type of question to ask on here but I entail help and my friends dont really meticulousness.

Sumer Aina
Answers: well I am your friend and I perfectionism so I think that you should show some reponsiblity earlier Christmas and then perchance they will buy you the kitten I care seriously and I love animals. You shouldn't be worried because it seems that your mom like animals ok
If you have 11 presently . who takes trouble of them. If not you then I can see why your parents read aloud no. Start taking care of adjectives them first and then I don`t know your parents will consider another one. This includes buying food and paying all vet bills.

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