How can i make my cat stop killing the squirrels?

Hi! I have problem that my cat is a real murder...He's very sweet with people, but he destroy's all the smaller animals, like rats, frogs, birds and squirrels. He killed 5 squirrels in 3 weeks. Now there are 2 little squirrels left, but i really don't wan't that my cat ends their lives too... :(
Ps! I can't keep him just in my house, he's used to go outside...
he is just doing what he is supposed to squirrels are vermin
Put a big bell round your cats neck,A big loud one.
a bag
a rope
a big rock
a pond
Put a collar with a bell around the cat's neck...then tighten the collar until the cat expires.
neuter the little murderer:) That will put an end to his sadistic ways:)

I'd just watch him closely and when I see him preparying to jump on an animal, I'd yell at him very loud and scare him with my hand, so that he knows that's not acceptable. Or you could spray him with water from a water gun, every time he prepares to hunt. He'll associate it with the nasty water and eventually stop hunting;)
Well I have a cat like that too!
He is 10 years old now and I dont think he can catch them so well now because hes not so fast, and he doesnt bring his catch into the house anymore, and I dont see so any dead on the patio.
He does lie outside looking at the birds and miows at them though!
I used to always chase him out and take away what he had killed, but cats are hunters, and if they are normal they will hunt and kill.
You dont say how old your cat is, he may calm down like mine as he gets older.
You can't stop him. He was taught as a kitten to kill - they have to be taught that, and once it's programmed into him by hs mother, he'll keep doing it. If you don't want to keep him in the house, try a bell around his neck, or ask your vet.

And sorry, but squirrels aren't cute little things, they're rats with bushy tales. If he kills all the squirrels ariound your house, he's a very good boy because squirrels can do a great deal of damage to the house itself.
Even well fed cats will hunt, sad fact they're predators and that's what they do. It's instinctive behavior honed by thousands of years of evolution.

There is nothing you can do short of keeping the cat in the house. Hopefully the squirrels will sense they're being hunted and relocate.
Well, its simple, stop you cat hanging around with such vermin
That's a proper cat he is just doing what comes naturally give him a scratch on the belly for me.

Good Boy Tom.
When my cat Sox was alive, I had the same problem. The vet neutered him to cure this dilemma. subside it mainly. It was explained that your little lion is simply protecting his territory. Ironically, this urge is connected with his <<clears throat>> testis. This in common with tomcats. that is to say male cats. I had to neuter Sox because he was severely fighting with squirrels and anything else in the animal world.excluding humans and he would come home at times with battle wounds.
Buy a safetly collar with a bell on it, that way the squirrels will hear him coming and will be able to make a run 4 it!!

Good luck

Put a cat collar on the cat the small bell will alert the intended victim and hopefully they will escape.

You cannot stop a cat from being a killer it is their instinct.

Cats originated from a desert region if they did not kill daily they did not feed and they would have died out. Be nice to kitty.
he's doing it to thank you.
cats kill small animals and bring them to your house to thankyou for taking care of them.
my cats would kill mice and chipmunks and bring them into our house without heads. it was disgusting, but kind of cute too =)
It's natural and they don't see the wrong, but I would want to stop it to. Bell round their neck should alert the squirrels a bit more, and if you see him killing a squirrel tell him off.
I know how you feel. I have to thugs for cats who think it's great fun to present me with mice and birds at all hours of the night!! Sometimes, the poor catch are still alive!! I've tried bells on collars but the noise drove me's their natural instinct I'm afraid. I love cute wee squirrels and would be very upset if mine killed one. Theres no solution really. Nightmare isn't it?! Wish I could help but I'm in same situation!
Cats are predators!! Do you have a bell on the cat? If not, put one on him because when he approaches the bell will sound and the prey can escape.

Meanwhile, the cat should be inside. The cat can bring diseases into your house.

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