Cats love the smell of commercial bleach? Know anything??

I work in an animal facility beside aproximately thirty cats. Whilst mopping a room the other day I approved to use a tiny bit of commercial bleach on the floor, before I could even finish partially, I had cats rolling on the damp floor! Rolling and rubbing their faces on it and purring and smelling and largely acting like they other say cats next to catnip are supposed to be like. I've never see anything like it and can honestly read aloud haven't been competent to find out any information on it.
If anyone has hear of this before, or can volunteer me some kind of accurate, or researched answer, please let me know.
Answers: the bleach in actual fact mimicks certain phermones that cats produce that have a euphoric effect an aphrodisiac if you like but a stronger reworked copy. so they are turned on by it. I use a disinfectant that is out of danger to use with cats but doesn't make available them the trill.
I have be looking for this same answer for some time. 3 Vet's I know didn't have an answer. I hold been inquiring the web and discovered that this is deeply common. Who know, I thought my cat was a psycho. Anyway, this is the first answer I own seen to this interview.

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