How long before the fleas are gone?(a few ?)?

Ok, I have three inside cats, they have never been outside, which makes me wonder how the heck they got fleas! But anyway...I used the cat flea drops on the back of thier necks, I put flea collars on them, I got flea killing carpet stuff that I used, and I sprayed flea killing spray on all of my furniture, and everything that I couldn't wash. I did all of this earlier today. So, how long does it take before all of the fleas are dead? I have not seen any fleas on anything accept the cats since I did all of this. Can the fleas still live on my cats even with the drops and flea collars since they are on the neck and no where else? How does the drops kill all of the fleas on the cats whole body?
What the frontline does is puts a chemical that seeps into their skin and the fleas hop off, they hate it. We buy bengal to spray everything else, and then vacuum. Its a good idea to change your vacuum bag afterwards (outside). The frontline takes a day or two to really get in and start working. A vet also told us it was better to use every 3 weeks instead of once a month
at least 24 hrs
slowly they will die off-they have probably laid eggs so you may have to repeat the process depending on the products you used.
Good Luck with the tricky bastards
Fleas seek anything warm blooded from which they can get a meal. They are tiny - they get inside very easily and all it takes is one to start an outbreak. Indoor animals get them very easily.

Use Frontline Plus or Advantage. The stuff absorbs through the skin and protects the entire animal. It is far less toxic than all the sprays, bombs and collars and such. It works far better. Dump the flea collars - they are really toxic. The Frontline or Advantage will work within a day or so.
I am a dog groomer, and it takes at least 24 to 48 hours to kill them. Hope this helps.
Unless you got advantage you will never get rid of the fleas. Did you really use flea drops and a flea collar? If so WASH your pet immediatly in Dawn dishwashing soap. Your cat is going to go into shock and die!! What you need to do right now, is take the useless flea collar off, they don't work. Then wash your cat to get all the stuff off. Tomorrow go pick up some advantage or frontline from your vet and treat your cats every month. Use a flea bomb to treat your house, but make sure everyone, including all animals are out of the house. Trust me I've seen this over 100 times, get that crap off your cats they WILL DIE!!!
There's the drops that kill and the drops that repel. Which did you use? Also, if you're using drops, collars are unnecessary. You can expect to be flea free within a week if you did it all right. A few things most people don't think of are the hems of draperies (a favorite among fleas), the under cover of box springs and the yard. I would definately recommend you go the extra mile and treat your yard. It will create a barrier against the fleas who hitch rides on the pets that do go outside.
it might take from a few weeks to 3 months. the drops get on your cats skin and when the skin sheds the fleas and baby fleas eat it then die. the drops work it's self all down your cats body not just on the neck. your pets natural oils in the hair and skin help it do that. I know its such a hassel! you have to keep treating your carpet and vaccume alot. the eggs can lay dormat for a long time emerging when there is heat or noise present and they cling to the deep carpet fibers. so just keep at it and keep using the drops. summer time is the worst the heat makes eggs you never knew were there hatch. I hate those bloodsuckers!
The Hartz flea drops (premethrin/pyrethrin based) can be dangerous to cats and do not work well. I have treated too many with seizures and severe fleas to recommend their use. Use the safer stuff next time. Take of the flea collars NOW (toxic and does not work.) Throw the collars away--please. (Of course if you kill your cats, the flea problem will go away pretty quickly...)

I recommend: Frontline, Advantage (not Advantix) or Revolution. Apply once a month.

Spray the house every one to two weeks with a premise spray (household spray) that contains an ingredient to kill eggs (IGR-insect growth regulator).

The eggs hatch to larva which are in your carpets and furniture. The larva eats, grows and forms a cocoon. The cocoon hatches and the adult gets on the cats to eat and lay eggs.

You can kill the adults on the cats with the 'good' spot-ons. They take 6-12 hours to do their work. You can kill the eggs and larva with a good spray. BUT the cocoons are protected from every thing and they may be in that stage for 6 months, ready to hatch and start the infestation all over again. You can vaccum up some of the cocoons but make sure you empty the bag immediate.

But I always recommend treating for at least six months with the topical spot-ons. The premise spray, you may only need to use for 2-3 months at the 2 week intervals. But adjust the plan to longer as needed.
they should be gone in a day or 2 and if that doesnt work go out and buy some flea and tick shampoo make it in to a bubble bath and wash them and let them soak in it! : )
trust me i have three cats a dog and a bird
hartz is a crappy product so good luck on gettin rid of the fleas, they can travel in on your clothes. try getting fronline or something from your vet. but dont use it for 30 days after you used the other crap, or you will make you cat sick
I just have a few things to add. If you have a bad flea infestation it can take many more than two days. I've seen it take up to two months to get under control. Frontline or Advantage are great products to keep the fleas off your pets but the fleas will lay eggs in your carpets, rugs, upholstery. Each egg batch contains approximately 50 fleas. So it is necessary to treat the house. We reccomend "FleaStoppers" it is orthoboric acid based powder you can get something similar at home depot. You sprinkle it on all the above listed surfaces and leave it for 10-14 days. It dries out and kills the eggs that are about to hatch. Some people also have to get their yards treated. Pine straw is a favorite flea habitat. You can get the eggs on your shoes and track them into the house. Just wanted you to have as much info as possible. Frontline and Advantage do work in 48 hours, but this will not take care of the whole problem. Good Luck!
Please don't use Hartz products. Like others have said, they're far too harsh for our pets plus they're mostly ineffective. I'm afraid of their products, actually. Years ago I use Hartz Blockade on one of my cats and he started to have a siezure. Thankfully, he ended up OK. Blockade was taken off the market soon afterwards. For all you know the product you're using today may be soon as well.

Frontline and Advantage both work REALLY well. I use Frontline on my dog and Advantage on my cats. We had a mild infestation here. It only took a couple of days for the animals to stop scratching completely. I've been flea combing them since and have only found a few dead fleas.

Note that you really need to treat your carpet and upholstered furniture as well. 20 Mule Team Borax - which you can find in the laundry aisle at most grocery stores - works quite well. Also strip down your bed and wash everything. Pet bedding as well. Fleas can be in your yard from neighbour's cats - one could have "hitch hiked" in on your pant leg. Same if you were at a friend's house that has pets with fleas. If you want to treat your yard there's granules you can purchase at Lowe's to spread around your yard to kill them. I also used a spray around all my doorways.

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