Cost of cat x-rays?

Anyone know about how much it would cost to hold x-rays done on a cat? Thanks.
Answers: Mine have averaged $90. Call and ask your vet what their rates are.
depends on your vet and what they are doing the x-rays for. beckon the vet and ask them.
Here in SD it cost me $65 for the vet pop in and one xray on my cat...why are you asking?

Edit: I was reading everyone elses posts...some of you own some really exspensive vets! wow. I have to have one of my cats chest x rayed end monday...he went to hurdle on the counter and missed and hit his chest really hard. He dislocated the center bone contained by his chest (can't remember what the vet called it) and cracked some ribs...We didn't even realize he did adjectives this as he got up, and continued his play next to the other cats. I noticed sunday though...he would hiss whenever any of the cats tried to rough house near him...called the vet and go in first item the next morning. Although in that was nought the vet could do but to tell me to maintain him quiet.

If you are asking because you own a injured really should be taking it to the vet and work out a payment arrangment if you don't hold the money. Not asking here.

best wishes.
It depends on what they are doing x-rays for, and therefore how copious plates they need to use. For a cat, it would probably be one plate if x-raying something similar to a leg, and two if x-raying something like a chest or belly.

Costs are going to vary from place to place, but where on earth I've been the charges are around $150-$250, depending on exactly what requirements to be taken. Sometimes a cat will also need sedation to know how to get adjectives x-rays (i.e. without the cat wriggling!) and this can supply extra costs.
it can very greatly, but most smaller vet will tell you a generic cost over the phone if you furnish them a call. Do you check your messenger? I moved out you a message a few days back.
Depends- you will settle an office drop by and the cost of xrays. Look to spend around $100-$150.

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