Weaning kitten?

I have a baby kitty and she is 81/2 weeks old. She has had a rough start at life. I had to bottle feed her(momma had mastitis and dried up - temporarily) and she is very tiny. She has been eating canned food and drinking water, using the litter box etc. I have noticed that momma has been letting her nurse again. She is still producing milk, but very little. I think she never was able to produce enough because she only had one kitten to nurse. My question is - Will the momma wean her? Do you think there is a reasion she is still nursing her?
Let the mother cat wean her naturally. Kittens that are weaned too early (usually by removing them from the mother at 6 weeks) tend to try to nurse on anything they can find like a pen in a pocket or a watch strap for the rest of their lives. If the kitten is eating as well as nursing, there's no danger that she'll be malnourished and there's comfort in the act for both her and the mother cat.
Just let nature take it's course. I think the momma cat will eventually wean her. Just make sure kitten has enough food to eat since she's probably not getting enough milk from mom cat.
last year i got a kitton 4 weeks old and i didn,t have any trouble with her eating . but yes when the time is right the momma well wean her .
Well the mom probably will not wean her kitten. we have a stray that runs around she had a litter and all 7 kittens still nurse on her. As soon as we started to feed them the kittens stopped nursing. Make sure that the mother has plenty of food and water and should wean themselves. 7 kittens was hard on this cat and almost killed her because she was a stray that no one could get near. I would try my advise just to see if it will work for you since it worked for us. Good Luck

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