What is the easiest way to feed a cat?

i want to feed a cat and i dont know which food to feed it with but i dont want something that will take me a long time to get or hard to make.i will be glad if i get good answers.
Buy a bag of good quality dry food. Iams is available about anywhere. Pour some in a clean bowl, provide another clean bowl of water, and that's all that is necessary!
I supplement my cats' diets with a part of a can of cat food for dinner, I scoop some out on a paper plate, cut it into cat size bites, and put that down for them. Then I just throw the plate away when they're done.
There are also all kinds of treats available. Friskies hairball remedy is what I feed mine. 4-6 pieces 2-3 times a week. They like it, and it keeps them from yakking up hairballs. Keeping the litterbox clean, providing a scratching post, getting them neutered and vaccinated, and taking them to the vet once a year or if they get sick or injured, and regularly brushing them, is all you have to do to keep a cat happy and healthy.
Some like lots of toys and playtime, others prefer to keep to themselves, it just depends on your cat. Good luck!
The most convenient cat food is dry food. Canned food isn't all that inconvenient either. I feed my cat a preprepared raw food called Stella and Chewys and that is easy as well. I just pop it in the fridge at night to defrost for her breakfast. Check out this link to learn more about how to pick a good quality pet food:


Cooking for cats can be very intensive because they have very particular nutritional requirements. This book can tell you more about that:
Follow these steps:
1. Buy food and bowl.
2. Fill bowl with food.
3. Put bowl of food down, in front of cat.
4. Walk away, repeat when needed.

You do realize they sell premade cat food in the pet section of grocery stores?

We use Iams.
Go to the grocery store. Get Iams or Purina dry cat food. Put a handful in a bowl, and refill when necessary. If you want to give them something special, give them a spoonful or two of canned tuna to go with the dry food once a day. Make sure they always have plenty of clean, fresh water. That's it!
The "easiest way to feed a cat"?

Via the mouth.
I recommend fedding your cat a raw food diet. Do some research and decide whether or not it's the right move for you. I'm feeding my kittens that, and it's easy, affordable and manageable. You're supposed to give cats 2% - 3% of their body weight each day.

If you do choose to go dry, choose a good brand of dry food with holistic ingredients. Don't go for Science Diet or a similar brand. Go into a pet store and most have holistic brands to choose from. I recommend Felidae.
do you own a cat...if you do then use his cat food and put it outside if the cat doesn't have an owner or seems to b lost take him in and put flyer's up please do this if you don't know if he's stray or lost he can get hit by a car or eaten by dogs its sad cz it has hap-pend before please do it before it is TO LATE :) np for the advise i Love answering questions including ones that r serious like this one
Get Science Diet it is sold in pet stores. Put the cat food in a bowl and let your cat eat! Get the dry food. Make sure the cat food you buy does NOT say by-product. It is bad for your cat.

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