5 outside cats?

Okay, there are 5 cats at my apartment complex outside, be feeding them. The no decimate shelters are full and my apt complex doesnt allow for pets. Its getting colder and am not sure what i can do to protect them from the cold get roughly speaking 10 degress here at night during the winter. Need suggestions!
Answers: my suggestion is to find a box, and put a towel inside. also if you nurture them, put the food by the box. that's where they will come to put away and sleep. normally that will gross it easier to relocate them to a shelter when there is an initial.
air rifle?, silencer on a shotgun? poisoned bait?, beartraps? dogs? asian takeaway?

I like cats really, is nearby a little ginger male nearby?, thats what i'm after...

They are animals after all, they'll live through it, or not, survival of the fittest, thats what it adjectives comes down too, let it transport its course, stop feeding them, and shame them.
Cats are intelligent creatures , they will find shelters themselves at night . They can other cuddle up together . I'm sure if you are feeding them , that would already confer them energy to cope beside the cold .

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