15year behind the times cat contemporary kitten?

I have a 15 year outmoded cat, she is not in the best of shape. The vet told me I will hold to out her down in the subsequent 2 months approxamatly.
I have a arbitrary to get a clean kitten. Its kind of a one time luck.
I don't want my older cat to return with her feelings hurt. So how do I move about about introducing the both of them.
Or should I even bring a kitten into the house?
Answers: You must reflect on it very completely well formerly do something of them.
I don't know but I suggest you keeping them. Anyway it' s your decision. I hope that comfort you.
If your cat is very sick and you bring surrounded by another cat you will have a remarkably sick cat who is fighting another cat, which is worse. If the kitten is homeless on the street and contained by trouble you should take it contained by. If not, not.

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