8 week behind the times kitten?

I have an 8 week ripened kitten that doesn't groom itself. She uses the litter box fine, but when it comes to keeping herself clean - she's not doing it. So far she's have 2 bathes surrounded by the past week because she smells so doomed to failure that nobody wants to hold her. After the bathe she doesn't even attempt to lick herself dry.
Any advice would be greatly appriciated!
Answers: Well if this is the travel case I would check with friends/family who ever have an older cat...and consent to the kitten spend some time with them.

The elder cat probably will not like your kitten at first (natural cat behavior) but after awhile they will be fine near each other. Then the kitten will swot up basic cat behaviors from the elder cat.

It really is weird though that the kitten know how to use the litter box to poo in but not to verbs herself...most cats do that because its in their disposition.

Well give her some time next to another older cat..that will do the trick!
Show her what wishes to be done by doing it to her yourself. She'll get the notion after awhile.

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