Is this any old fashion way to get fleas off pets without drugs?

A dawn detergent bath will get rid of the fleas on your dog or cat, but it will certainly not prevent them. When a pet has fleas it is just as important to get the fleas out of the environment as it is to get the fleas off your pet. It only takes one flea hanging around your house to infect your pet again.

Whenever I see this question I cringe because without fail someone will suggest Garlic. Garlic is toxic to our pets, so I would highly recommend steering clear.

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I have multiple animals and I know your problem all to well. I use basic flea combs. It takes a while but will work without using drugs. You can get them any where and walmart usually has some good ones.
Use the drugs. Get Advantage from the vet. It will work up to 3 months. Don't get the weak stuff from Wal-Mart. They have it for cats and dogs. The stuff Will knock off and keep off fleas and ticks. Its easy to apply (not oral) and it works. Have never had a pet (dogs or cats) who had any type of reaction. Have never found any type of alternative treatment that will keep the wee beasties off. Good luck.
Give it a bath...
Garlic pills are said to work, and are a natural remedy. Avon skin so soft is also said to work.
I used to comb them with a flea comb.
As soon as I got fleas on the comb, I would burn them with a lighter so they couldn't jump off. Then clean the comb with a paper towel and keep combing until they're all gone.

Someone suggested sticking the comb in ice water to kill them too. I didn't try that one.

If the fleas are on the pets, they are in your carpet and laying eggs in your carpet. Get flea bombs at the store & follow directions.

Either that, or move to Colorado. There are no fleas there. But, please don't take the fleas with you if you move.

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