Injections for kittens...please back!!?

hi, im getting a kitten in a couple of days and its 10weeks older and im getting it off a dairy farm..
its had no injections!!
could someone please update me what the costs are for the injections, its also a female kitten..
and some direction will be really helpfull

thanks x
Answers: The first injections are more expensive as the cat have to have two, a month apart. After that, it is an annual booster. Several years since I have the original done, but I focus the booster is about lb50 contained by the UK. It also depends whether you just enjoy the basic jabs, or the full works. Give your local vet a ring for information. Do hold her spayed, at about 6 months, otherwise you will be inundated next to kittens, and it's not easy to find homes for several. You individual need to see the kittens contained by shelters for that. It is also not good for a cat to hold kittens too young. Usually the kittens are small, not other healthy, and Mum doesn't hold much idea, man a kitten herself. Perhaps about lb60-lb70 for that?
As she is coming rotten a farm, I would hold your vet check her over. She will need to be de-wormed and de-flead.
I am sure you will love your kitten, and supply her a happy home.
I enjoy just asked impossible to tell apart question!! But my kitten is 8 weeks and have no injections! I am so excited!!!

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