My Neighbors Cat keeps coming over to my house and looking through the window. What do i do?

The cat jumps on the railing and looks through the window on the door. I want to be friends with it but my dog scares it off before i do anything. Is it a possibility that its just aggravating my dog? Its an Outside cat.
He's a peeping Tom
Cats are curious by nature, and he likely smells your dog and is coming to investigate.
haha, I love cat use to do that to our dog. she would lay on the floor and roll around to get my dogs attention then once she did she would walk away. It was cute
sounds to me as if its trying to aggravate the dog..let the dog out .that will get rid of it.
come on.they r just u like cat meat.
Enjoy it.
That's hilarious!! I think the cat is definately just messing with your dog, what you should do?, Laugh! *Lol*
nothing to harm, no foul.
Just let it be, it's not like it's going to hurt anything or anybody.

yes, he's doing it to tease your dog.let the dog out just once and see how often he does it again..
Maybe he likes your sexy body! If you really want to befriend the cat keep your dog out of sight.
Yeah, kitties like to play games like that. If you get annoyed cuz of your dog's annoyance, simply spray him next time with a water gun. Pleeeez don't do anything unkind to the little guy.
Cats are just curious. Don't do anything.
Probably just wishing it had a nice place to live like your dog does.Outdoor cats are not happy like some people think. It is too dangerous for them.
If that cat is aggrevating your dog, and no one seems to own it, get a Have-A-Heart Trap. Put some tuna in it and trap him. Then take the cat to the Humane Society.
lol.take pictures..send em to America's funniest Home Video's
put the dog out of the room open the window let the cat in have a bowl of food for it, let it sleep with you buy it toys catnip, a collar have it fixed, name it, love it talk to it say heeerrreee kitty kitty kitty, i love you klitty kat and stuff like that
Stop being friends with the cat. Leave the cat alone. Tell your neighbor to control their cat. Share with them that the cat always comes over and aggrivates the dog and warn them that the cat will be trapped and given over to the local animal shelter.
So what? Its just a cat. If its really bothering your dog that much, just close the blinds.
Yes, it likes to tease your dog. I have a cat in the area that does the same thing to my dogs. It drives me nuts, then it sprays my door when it leaves. Which stinks and drives my dogs nuts for hours.
be nice to the cat .are you sure the cat has a home
just put down some moth balls outside were he goes and that always drive them away they hate the smell. also he may be marking spots in the area if you have a cat, so maybe put it all around the house . outside .
put a surprise snack in a jar lid, it be a treat and a contunue conection,after ward in time you have a frendly visitor,
probably the dog wants to protect you from the cat. talk to your neighbor about it.
sooner or later you dog will get use to it. most dogs do if they are exposed to cats everyday. I think it is cute it will take a lot for it to trust you. Cats only warm up to their owners unless you give it treats. I think it is cute that it looks in your windows.
Stare back at the cat !!
Yea maybe it's doing it on purpose. if you hold ur dog still and go try to pet it, it's got to be an outsider
Could be, but I think he wants to come inside. If you don't want the cat looking in you should keep the curtains shut or the shade down, etc. I think that should solve the problem. If he can't see in he'll stop trying. Good luck.
He probably just wants someone to give him attention. He is not purposly aggrivating your dogs .He just wnats someone to pet him or maybe your neighbors don't feed him that much and he is hungry or thursty. Does he look like he is malnutrsioned? He probably sees your dogs and wonders why he can't come inside.
Well lets see here; I would like to offer this as a solution. My mother @ one time had problems with her few cats hanging around on her front steps by the doorway. Somewhere she had heard that cats hate the scent of cinnamon ( go figure~!) Anyway there are those scented pine cones that are sold at wal-mart in the crafts department, she bought thosee and stcuk them in some of her flower pots along the steps. WOW it really worked they never offered to come close to the steps again. Tryi it it couldn't hurt and those things are like 3.00 a bag. Take care and hope you get rid of your peeping cats.

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