5 yr feeble cat have missing patch...lend a hand?

my 5 year old cat have a patch of fur missing in the shape of a square on his nouns. he is an indoor cat and gets along great near my other 2 cats. he is not in any affliction, acts the commonplace way he does...it's merely there..should i help yourself to him to the vet or just depart from it? he has have it for 3 weeks with no change.
Answers: Geez, everyone's so quick to speak it's fleas. Sheesh, y'all must not hold indoor cats huh. And BfrombigD , if you don't know what she should do keep your big euthanasia (sp) mouth shut. the cat have a bald patch, not an incureable disease..My god to suggest i.e. disgusting. It's more likely the cat could hold gotten a bug bite, or some type of irritant on that part of his skin and he of late scratched so much his hair fell out. Dog's and Cats fur, as I'm sure adjectives animals , is very sensitive. My daughter's father's cat found his style into the ceilings surrounded by his house from his unfinished laundry room and for a year he be balding and had scabs from the insulation irritating his skin. His fur have finally grown back except for one spot. I wouldn't cart him to the vet . Especially if he doesn't seem within distress.
Could be fleas. My cat had fleas and he also started to loose his coat. Check his fur for little black dots and if white things are falling out of his fur its the eggs. Fleas are hard to take rid of. If its fleas I reccomend vacuuming and putting moth balls surrounded by the vaccume bag, shamppoing your cat near flea shapmoo and flea bombing. You need to evacuate everyone for a flea bomb, including pets. If its not fleas it could be an irratation, run see a vet.

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