!!!pregnant cat!!!?

hi can any 1 help me my cat is soo rotund n i know that she is preggyy but i dont know how many weeks! im alwys dictum that she is dew any ay know but she still aint having kittens does any one know an stages within cat prenacy!
Answers: If you know approximately when she mated and get pregnant, a cat pregnancy from beginning to have the kittens is about 60 days, 8 weeks, (2 months). If you own no idea when she get pregnant, it might be a good concept for you to get her a vet appointment so she can be checked out to see newly how far along she is---or, IF she is---and NOT just FAT. If the vet say that she is NOT preggy, then you first want to have her spayed so she can't procure pregnant. Then, further tests should be run to see if your cat have a thyroid problem or is possibly diabetic, and this is why she is so fat. Good luck to you next to your kitty.
don't know really...call the vet

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