7wk kitten cross-question.any suggestion?

I have a 7 wk masculine kitten i had both mom and dad living beside me than i moved and took this one when he was 4wks dated. i started giving him kmr than on thanksgiving he bit the nipple of the bottle so i switched the bottle to a saucer now. he started consumption kitten canned food, and concrete food. but now hes kinda agressive and bites plentifully attacks legs, arms, and fingers. what can i do to change this? his first vet appt is subsequent week
Answers: That's perfectly conventional kitten behaviour (biting, attacking legs, fingers, etc.)

Keep his claws trimmed posterior with pin clippers (at least twice/per week) and at lowest it won't hurt so much. Wear denim.

The only channel to really cut down on the number of scratches *you* bring back, is if you get him another kitten (or mature cat that tolerates kittens) to play with.

We enjoy a 13-week-old kitten, and he plays with the other grown cats, but he still likes to bite and claw me -- I guess I'm simply used to normal kitten lifestyle, because I think it's cute.

You took him away from his mother too impulsive. But that just sounds resembling normal kitten playing to me... he will grow out of it. Also, gain him nutered when he is old plenty!

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