"Cat's going blind because of VEGAN diet! That's on "Animal Precint" right presently. My examine is.

How can anyone be so misguided to think that predatory animals would be lacto-vegetarian?
Answers: Vegans follow a personal "religion" and it is very central to them. Unfortunately, their concept of "ethics," close to any other ideology, does not always comport next to the real world. So somethimes they try to clear the real world loose change to match their own thinking.

Vegans do this with infants and childlike children's diets. Some health-conscious people, worried something like "organic" and "natural" and "no fats," do similar things. They are badly informed that these extreme expressions damage youthful people, that the human body NEEDS spot on things that are not on the usual diet those grown-ups adopt.

As with religion, politics, and other areas of existence, extremism becomes self-defeating.

Extremist vegans simply can't be told anything, or revise anything.
Because some people are dumb and try to push their beliefs and inner health on everyone and everthing else. Poor kitty.

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