A playful cat?

I have somewhat cheeky cat, who will only come to you when he requests something to eat and uses the house close to a hotel, he does not come anywhere near you, and if you try to to stroke him he will bite you or create a noise as if to right to be heard leave me alone. I want to find him to come to me and sit on my knee and be more resembling a nice cat how can I do that.
Answers: Sometimes it takes comparatively awhile for a cat to bond with their human. Just be forgiving, and maybe he will come around. Just play it cool, I own found that if you pay not so much attention to them, they will come to you more readily. Don't confer up. I've had my rescue womanly for over 3 yrs, and she is still not my cat, she loves my husband much more.but that's OK, because I still love her!
try playing with him,and sit on floor next to treat and make him transport out off your appendage

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