1 yr weak masculine cat trouble walking?

My 1 yr old cat have recently stopped playing or jump around- and now spends almost adjectives of his time lying down or sleeping. His eyes keep rolling spinal column into his head when he blinks, and when he moves his hind legs look amazingly sore and he arches his back (making him hike like a bear) He still eat and drinks plenty, but I have to pull him into the litter box. He doesnt seem to groom himself any more any.

Has anyone experienced this before? The vet's bureau is closed but I am taking him first thing tomorrow. Thanks contained by advance!
Answers: Is a different vet department open? If this be my cat I would take him to the emergency vet presently if I had to. He sounds critically poorly.

Have you checked his legs and back to see if you can find what's bothering him? He might enjoy a wound somewhere that is cause him pain and an infection.
Anything could be wrong. Is he an inside cat? he could enjoy gotten hit by a car. or he could enjoy a number of things wrong near him. hope all is capably.

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