Advantage v. Frontline Plus (cats)?

I've been using Advantage for the ultimate year or so and it has other worked wonderfully, but it hasn't been working adjectives that well lately and it seem the fleas returned just after a few days. I am thinking that possibly I should switch treatments, but I've heard that Frontline doesn't work as capably as Advantage and I'd hate to spend money on something that doesn't work. What other alternatives are out at hand that actually work?
Answers: Our vet department has suggested we use Advantage. Despite the product use, the vet department also suggested that we put down boric acid which will eradicate the fleas and eggs. Boric acid can be found contained by the laundry soap isle of your grocery store, I recently purchase 20 mule. The product is completely inexpensive.

Whatever you do, do not use Hartz. I bought it not long before I took my girls to the vet. The vet tech's told me, this product can burn stale their hair which may not grow subsidise.
I have used frontline for years and I hold had no flea problem. Remember no situation what you use to spray all the places that fleas eggs and larva can sprawl up and come out when its safe. You must do adjectives soft furnishings as fleas can jump illustrious.

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