What is the BEST age to adopt a Kitten? 6-8 weeks?

I heard if you Adopt too early before 6 weeks old that the Kitten won't be disciplined enough by the Mother. A friend has one that she adopted @ 2 weeks old and it seems very wild and bites at times. Is this true?
7-8 weeks is a good age. If you adopt a kitten too early, it won't be weaned sufficiently, and might develop bad habits such as kneading and nursing on blankets and such. A kitten needs to spend the first two months with it's mom, so it can learn appropriate cat behavior.

I had a kitten who was taken away from it's mom at 5 weeks due to an illness of the mother cat, and we had a lot of issues at first. He didn't know how to use a litter box, and it took him a couple of weeks to learn. He wasn't completely weaned, and for the first few days, wouldn't drink water from a bowl; we had to bottle feed for a bit. He was small and weak for awhile.
6 weeks is always best.
its better to adopt earliest as possible.. no it depends on the cat..
the kitten should not be separated from its mother till it is 8-10 weeks old. 2 weeks is way too early. Im not sure about the discipline thing though. hope this helps!
Yes I think this is true because cats are kind of like humans... if we dont stay with our mothers for enough time or if we dont listen to them we are most likely to be very wild and careless. So kittens need their mother so that they can show the kittens how to act on their own. I think buying one 7-8 weeks old is good
i have one and you shoud get a baby like a new born or 3-5 years
Firstly, it has nothing to do with the nature of the kitten, that has a bearing on when you adopt them. You should get your kitten at 12 weeks once it has had its second injection. Any younger and it is not ready to leave mum.

That poor 2 week old kitten would not even be weaned from its mum, whoever gave your friend that kitten should be shot, and believe me I think shooting is too good for them.

12 weeks is time enough, your kitten will get scatty and run around the house. Get her plenty of toys and keep her occupied and she'll be fine. If everybody stuck to the 12 week rule then people like the idiot who gave your friend her baby would never be able to do what she has done.

Good luck
how the kitten acts depends on the breed of cant not really how soon there taken away from the mother. 6-8 weeks is a good time by then the kittens have bein weined and they have learned to socialized
A cat is normally weaned at 8 weeks. At 2 weeks, that would require hand raising and is also very demanding and difficult. 8 or 10 weeks would be my choice, but I realize there are circumstances that require an earlier adoption.

A kitten is normally turbo charged, and things like biting and scratching you is something that the kitten needs to be trained not to do. You do not punish the kitten, since it doesn't know better. You simply train the kitten.
It seems crazy to take a kitten away b4 its even weaned from the mother, it disrupts the natural order of things
If you get a kitten from a shelter they cannot let you have it before 8 weeks old. The mother teaches the kittens about eating grooming etc, also the kitten is being weaned from the mom at this time. It is crucial for the kittens to be with there mom so that they can learn to be somewhat independent. Sometimes there isn't a choice like when a mother dies or the kittens are taken away for what ever reason then you have to stand in and hand feed the kitten and do all the things the mother would do. It's quite a job. Also by the time the kittens are 8 weeks old they are ready to start kitty shots to protect them from disease and so on.
I had a mommy cat that was killed just after her little kittens eyes were opened. I bottle fed the kittens and they were tame as can be. Maybe because they were bottle fed by a human from such an early age. A neighbor of mine adopted a kitten when it was 4 weeks old. She had the same problem you describe with the kitten being half wild, hissing and biting. The poor thing was only frightened. After she had it for about 4 weeks (maybe a little less) the little one learned to trust her and was fine from then on. I would suggest if you adopt a kitten, 8 weeks is ok. But, if you can, wait as long as possible. 12 weeks would be even better. Mommy kitties are great at teaching their little ones domestic manners. With mommy kitties help and good training, will make less work and a more pleasant getting acquainted period for you and the new kitten. Good luck. Enjoy your new kitty when you get one.
The mother cat teaches the kitten very important behaviors like your not supposed to go to the bathroom where you eat and sleep and when to go to the bathroom by licking down there to help urination. Taking them away from the mom too soon can render them because they don't know when to go to the bathroom and end up going anywhere. Kittens usually catch on to the litterbox pretty easily though because cats are clean animals. Kittens will always bite though, because they're teething and they're also being playful. Every cat is different though so you never know what your going to get
Always wait when they are ready to get seperated from there mother which is approximately 6-8 wks and they would be fine and easier to train.
eight weeks is the youngest age that a kitten should be taken away from it's mother. The mother teaches it to groom itself and eat and use the litter box as will as socializes it in that length of time.

They have to be drinking their Moms milk for that length of time, in order to have a strong immune system that will carry them through their life.

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