Am I allergic to this cat?

I went to the shelter looking for a cat since I want to adopt one and I found a really nice one that like me and was a moral age/size, etc, however it shed a lot while I be petting it (short haired tabby) & I came backbone and my nose be kinda runny/itchy. I thought it might've just be from the cold, however the next daylight my right eye was unbelievably itchy & my nose too. merely a coincidence from dirt in the eyes or am I allergic to short haired cats that shed?
Answers: probably. thats how i be when i got the kitten Pushka, it get so bad i have to get rid of her. However near my new kitten Afina, I'm without fault fine!

BTW, there is a shot that can sustain bring down your allergies to cats. Just ask your doctor.

Or better yet ... find a alien cat. You might be like me: allergic to some and not to others.

and contained by response to Rachael. That is not true. You can be allergic to some cats and not to others. There are some cats that flair up my allergies so bad that in a week I can't breath. However, I have a year and a partially year old and a four month out-of-date, AND am watching my friend's two cats for about three months and own had NO allergic reaction to any of them.
it doesnt really make a difference how long their fur is. somebody told me that its something to do next to their saliva.

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