It is bad to use...?

I use a gallon gravity feed water container for my two cats on a regular, day-to-day basis. I realize that these containers are made for travel purposes, thus not really made for regular use.

My question is, is it safe and sanitary to use this for my cats every day, if I'm careful to clean out the entire container with hot water and soap (obviously I'm certain to get all the soap out) every few days, when I change their water?

I use this large container because, unfortunately, I'm not wonderful at remembering to feed/water them each day.
It won't do any harm to your cats as long as you are remembering to wash it out every few days

And with the remembering to feed and water for your little lovlies, I tend to do the same but one of my cats warns me when its getting low by meowing at my feet and walking over to the dish
It is perfectly fine. They are actually designed for daily use. I work in a pet store and we sell them all the time.
It's not the best plan, but I don't see why you can't do it.

For the water I'd try to change it once a day, but at least every other day. Just make sure your cats are drinking. Most cats won't drink unless the water is fresh, and that can be a big health risk for your cat.

The food, as long as it is dry kibble, isn't as much of a problem. Kibble should be ok to eat for up to 3-5 days sitting out like that.
If I'm picturing correctly what you are using, it's fine. Just clean it out well every week (like you say you do, that's great). It should be perfectly fine though.
I use these for my cats too it takes up less space them mulitiple bowls for mulitiple cats and is helpful when your on the go alot and cat refill bowls 2-3 times a day.
It doesnt really matter but you should feed it food the vet recommends this way then, and make sure kitty gets lots of love :-)
it is totally fine! my neighbors ( i am getting my cat, mia one for christmas = ) ) have one and the only thing you have to do is be sure to wash it BEFORE you use it for the first time, just like you would any glasses or such for yourself! to get a quality one that will last a long time, get one from pet-co or petsmart. walmart usualy carries them too. and don't worrie about it over-filling. it only lets it out until it covers the filler.

this one is weird!

this one is normal!

this one is cool! (it has cat grass too!)

you can also get feeders like that!
cats hate water, so no fear of drowning
fresh water takes more than a few days to be contaminated
cats are clean animals they know what to do with water containers
it safe
but may be the soap causing one of cats 2 sneeze

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