3 Month frail kitten, any toy thinking?

My kitten is named Noah. (No-uh) All he loves to play beside is a piece of thick string that i throw around so he can play. Are within any other ideas instead of buying some at petco or petsmart? Like creative ones?
Answers: cardboard boxes,
newspaper bags,
weekly (in a ball)
foil balls
string limp from stuff
stretchy stuff with something tied to the finishing
cat nip
pen caps
bottle cap
anything that makes a nouns when on tile
thread (the wheel not the actual thread)
a toy mouse that rattles (mine both love this, and they breed ones that are tied to the end of a 'fishing pole' so you walk 'fishing' for your cat with a virtual mouse as bait)
baby toys (that clink, roll, make nouns or flash)
and last but not lowest possible:

Your hands and foot!

my kittens favorite toy did come from the store, its one of those circles where the cat hits the bubble and it comes back to them, and hold the scratcher in the middle.
Piece of thread...homemade oranments (it is x-mas) or anykind of bubble thing you might own around the house...laser pointer if you have it on mitt...feathers from a feather duster (if you own one)...ect... try doing a google search, might turn up something interesting.

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