Has anyone ever had a cat that acts like he is going to throw up when he smells human food ?

It is so strange. He you watches while you eat and acts like he wants a bite or wants to take a little sniff and when you put a bite of food in front of his nose/mouth he makes the wierdest noise you have ever heard and goes through the motion of throwing up, without actually really doing it. He is healthy and we NEVER give him human food and he has his normal appetite of his own food. It's just really strange behavior and something that has recently just started. I think we actually noticed this when we would accidently drop something on the floor or left a plate within his reach after we had finished eating and he only smelled the plate where food had been. He is 10 years old. (Cocoa)
Just like to hear from anyone that has a clue as to why this is happening...anyone ever witnessed this behavior before ?
My oldest cat did that when I put vegetable oil on his food. He walked up, smelled it, and made a gaging noise, He would not touch his food. I had to wash out his food dish and put the oil and his food in separate dishes. He did not like it the other way. I am wondering if they do that to let us know they don't like it. Cause we are the "providers", like the Mama cat who would bring them food in the wild (fortunately we don't have to carry dead mice or birds in our mouths) Maybe that is their way of protesting. Until the oil on the cat food thing a few years ago my cat had never done that and he has never done it since. I do not know for sure why your cat is doing it, but my guess is he is letting you know he don't like it. Another possibility is that he could be sensitive to the smell and it could bother his nose.
What do YOU do when you smell the cat's food? Maybe he's just imitating you.
Well youi exepcet your cat to like human food thats like you think a human will like dog pooop!
im going with jimdotedu n dana

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